HubSpot Integration

Step 1: Click on the Integrations icon in the right sidebar
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Step 2: Click on the Connect button
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Step 3: Select your current account and provide the necessary permissions.
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You will be redirected back to WhatsApp, and should be able to see the HubSpot icon in the sidebar
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for WhatsApp-HubSpot Integration:
  1. How can I confirm that the integration was successful?
    1. Once the integration is complete, you should be redirected back to WhatsApp, and the HubSpot icon should be visible in the sidebar.
  1. What should I do if I encounter issues during the integration process?
    1. If you face any issues, refer to the useful links provided for common problems. Additionally, you can visit HubSpot's knowledge base for troubleshooting.
  1. What permissions are required for the integration?
    1. The necessary permissions will be prompted during the integration process. Make sure to grant the required permissions for a successful integration.
  1. Can I integrate multiple accounts with HubSpot through WhatsApp?
    1. Yes, you can integrate multiple accounts by repeating the integration process for each account.
  1. How do I disconnect the integration after completion?
    1. Click on the integration button, and then the Disconnect button. You will be prompted to confirm.