Manage multiple email accounts using the same number

If you want to share your number between multiple users, Eazybe users can add upto 4 email accounts on the same number. Here is how:
Step 1: Click on the My Account section, and then the Other Profiles Button
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Step 3: Click on the Add Account button
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Step 4: Enter the credentials, and click on signup. Enter the OTP which is sent to your email account. (OR sign in with google if you have a google account).
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Step 5: Enter the Organization code (ask your admin for this)
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Thats it! You can switch whenever you want by clicking on the My Account Button.This account will act as a standalone profile for all your Eazybe needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Eazybe Multiple Account Feature:

  1. How many email accounts can I link to a single phone number on Eazybe?
    1. Eazybe allows users to link up to 4 email accounts to a single phone number.
  1. Can I switch between accounts easily?
    1. Yes, you can switch between accounts by clicking on the "My Account" button. Each added account acts as a standalone profile for all your Eazybe needs.
  1. Can I link accounts from different email providers?
    1. Yes, you can link accounts from different email providers as long as they are valid and can receive the OTP for verification during the signup process.
  1. What information is required during the account creation process?
    1. You need to enter the credentials for the new account, including the email address and OTP. Additionally, an Organization code is required, which can be obtained from your admin.