Inviting Users to your Organization

Step 1: Click on the Organization button and navigate to
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Step 2: Click on the Employees → Add Employees button
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Step 3: Enter the employee details, and click on the Add button. Name, Email and WhatsApp Number are mandatory. Click on the Send Invites button to send the invites.
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FAQs for Adding Employees to Eazybe Organization
  1. What is the purpose of inviting employees to my organization on Eazybe?
    1. Inviting employees enables task assignment, access to shared Quick Replies and Labels, and monitoring of analytics and chats through the Team Inbox.
  1. How are my chats backed up when using Eazybe?
    1. Chats are backed up from the user's WhatsApp number in the Admin's Google Drive, and you can view them from the Team Inbox.
  1. Is my data secure when using Eazybe?
    1. Eazybe does not store any data on its servers. All data is backed up with the user's WhatsApp number and stored securely in the Admin's Google Drive.
  1. How can I increase the number of seats in my organization on Eazybe?
    1. To add more employees, you can either go to Accounts → Billing in the workspace and select employees to include, or on WhatsApp, click on the upgrade plan button to increase the number of seats. Then, invite employees using the provided steps.
  1. Are there any specific details required when adding employees to Eazybe?
    1. Yes, when adding employees, you need to provide mandatory details such as Name, Email, and WhatsApp Number. Additional details may also be included as needed.
  1. Can invited employees access shared resources like Quick Replies and Labels?
    1. Yes, inviting employees allows them access to shared Quick Replies and Labels, promoting consistent messaging and collaboration.
  1. What features are available for organization members in the Team Inbox?
    1. Organization members can monitor analytics, view chats, and engage with tasks and follow-ups in the Team Inbox, enhancing collaboration and transparency.
  1. How can I check if the invites to employees were successfully sent?
    1. After entering employee details and clicking "Send Invites," you can verify the successful sending of invites by checking the confirmation message or status in the Eazybe workspace.