Creating and Managing Tasks

The Tasks feature on Eazybe allows users to create and manage tasks, helping organize and prioritize activities within the platform.
Step 1: Click on the User Profile button in the right sidebar
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Step 2: Click on the Tasks Button
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Step 3: Enter the task name in the text box.
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Step 4: Customize as desired. You can edit the following
  • Priority
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  • Status
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  • Assign it to your team members
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  • Change the due-date
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Step 5: Click on the (+) button or press enter to create the task
FAQs for Creating and Managing Tasks
  1. Can I assign tasks to my team members?
    1. Yes, you can assign tasks to team members during the task creation process. This helps in delegating responsibilities and collaboration.
  1. Is there a due date feature for tasks?
    1. Yes, you can set a due date for tasks to ensure timely completion. The due date helps in tracking and managing deadlines.
  1. Can I edit or delete tasks after creation?
    1. Yes, you can delete tasks after creation. Click on the three dots and the delete from the dropdown menu.
  1. Is there a limit to the number of tasks I can create?
    1. There is no limit to the number of tasks you can create. You can create as many as needed for effective task management.
  1. How can I prioritize tasks?
    1. You can prioritize tasks by setting the priority level during task creation. Options include high, medium, and low priority.