Backup and Sync Whatsapp Chats and Labels to Team Inbox

This process allows you to centralize and organize Whatsapp chats and labels in the Team Inbox, making it easier for collaboration and management.
Step 1: Click on the Backup and Sync button in the right sidebar
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Step 2: Select the individual labels or all labels, to sync to Team Inbox
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Step 3: Click the Sync icon to save your settings
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For Admins → Please provide Google Drive permissions for your entire Organization.
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FAQs for Backup and Syncing Whatsapp Chats and Labels to Team Inbox
  1. Can I choose specific labels to sync, or is it an all-or-nothing process?
    1. You have the flexibility to choose individual labels or sync all labels to Team Inbox, providing customization based on your preferences.
  1. Is there a sync icon that indicates the status of the synchronization process?
    1. Yes, there is a sync icon that you can click to initiate and save the synchronization settings.
  1. Are there any permissions required for admins to sync Whatsapp chats and labels?
    1. Yes, admins need to provide Google Drive permissions for the entire organization for successful synchronization.
  1. Can I undo or stop the synchronization process once it has started?
    1. Yes, users can unselect the selected labels using the checkbox, and the sync will stop immediately.
  1. Are there any storage limitations for backed up Whatsapp chats and labels?
    1. Storage limitations, if any, are related to your Google Drive capacity. Chatbackup will take minimal storage.
  1. How often is backup and sync done?
    1. The frequency of backup and sync is set to be done at 5 minutes automatically. Backed up conversations can be seen from Team Inbox here: