Blurring Contact Name and Image

This feature is used to blur important details like Contact Name, Number and Image.
Step 1: Click on the settings button here to open the menu.
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Step 2: Select the two options shown here.
Blur Contact Name: Blurs the contact name and number inside chats, groups, and the about section
Blur Contact Image: Blurs the contact image inside chats, groups, and the about section
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The applied changes would be displayed as below.
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OPTIONAL: You can customize these settings from here, to apply for
  • Everyone inside the organisation
  • Everyone except admin.
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FAQs for Blurring Contact Name and Image
  1. Will the blurred details be visible to everyone after applying these settings?
    1. No, the applied changes will be displayed with blurred contact names, numbers, and images, making these details less visible to others.
  1. What is the purpose of blurring contact details?
    1. The blurring feature enhances privacy by making contact names, numbers, and images less visible in chats and groups, providing an added layer of confidentiality.
  1. Is this blurring feature applicable to both individual and group chats?
    1. Yes, the blurring feature applies to both individual and group chats, as well as the about section where contact details are typically displayed.
  1. Can I choose specific contacts whose details I want to blur or unblur?
    1. As of now, the blurring settings apply universally to all contacts.
  1. Can I customize these blurring settings?
    1. Yes, you can customize these settings in the Optional section. You can choose to apply the blurring for everyone inside the organization or everyone except the admin.