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How do I add users to my organization?

Adding Users to your organization is a very simple process.
There are three methods by which you can add employees:
Adding them using the manage account button on the top right corner of the screen and clicking on add employees. Here you will be presented with a template in the pop up from which you can select contacts or groups .
When clicking on the URL they'll be redirected to the WhatsApp Extension page and presented with a join organization prompt.
This method would be by sharing the organization code with the employee which they’ll be able to use while creating an account. They'll be able to manually join by clicking on the join organization button.
The final method would be to add them from workspace. When you click on the organization button in workspace and click on the teams button organization button and then you'll be able to bulk add people and assign them roles. The users will receive an invitation by which they'll become a part of the organization.
Keep in mind that they should not already be a user on Eazybe.
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