Eazybe Help Docs

Are my Messages Secure?

Yes, Eazybe is secure owing to the end-to-end encryption feature between the messaging communication
This is to assure that we DONOT access any of your Chats or messages while you use the Extension.
We do Backup your Chats when you use the Backup and Sync Functionality. These Chats are Stored inside your own Google Drive and can be cross checked as well. In Conclusion, at any point NONE of your Chat Data is Stored on our Servers.
Moreover, addressing concerns with respect to Number Blocking, Whatsapp Blocks a Number when they detect some kind of Auto Messaging or Bulk Messaging involved. As a company we strictly follow all the policies of Whatsapp and donot allow any kind of of Auto Messaging or Bulk Messaging
For further information please visit https://eazybe.com/terms and https://eazybe.com/privacy
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