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Start Chat with Number

In This Section, you will get to know about “How To Start Chat with a Number without saving your phone
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  • First of all, you should have the Eazybe extension installed/added to your chrome Browser
  • Eazybe Extension will add a magical productivity layer on top of your Whatsapp and it will look like the below UI
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  • Now Next Step is to Go to user Adding icon (pointed below) and click
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  • And Then You will be asked for the number to whom to want to send the message then click start. You can add the number with country code such as +1 or +49 or +91, you’ll see that the country flag will automatically change as you enter the number with country code. Else it assumes that the country code is the same as yours.
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Now You When Enjoy and become more Productive using This Feature of EazyBe! Thanks For Coming 😎
Here is a video of the feature in action:
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