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Schedule Messages

In This Section, you will get to know about “How To Schedule Messages ?”✨
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First of all, you should have the Eazybe extension installed/added to your chrome Browser and log in to Eazybe
Eazybe Extension adds a magical productivity layer on top of Whatsapp Web as shown below
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Now Next Step is to Go to button alarm icon and click on icon shown below:
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As you click on the schedule icon there will a popup come up on the window screen:
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As you schedule a message, it will display in the chat as shown below:
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The system will wait for the time which you saved while scheduling that massage and will pop up a notification to send that msg.and when the notification comes up it will look like
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Now Click On the green send Icon and it's Done 😎
Schedule Messages with Attachment and User Profile Tags are part of Pro Plus Plan for Individuals and Teams plan for Teams. We recommend Pro Plus for Individuals and Teams plan for Teams/Organizations for the best possible experience
Congratulations! You have succesfully scheduled a message
Here is a Video for the feature in action:
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