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Creating Funnels and Stage

In This Section, you will get to know about how to create Funnels and Stages
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  • First of all, you should have the Eazybe extension installed/added to your chrome Browser and log in to Eazybe
  • Eazybe Extension will add a magical layer of productivity on top of your Whatsapp Web as shown below:
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  • Now Next Step is to Go to the “Plus Icon” on Top and click Directly on it -
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  • Now As you click on That You will see a popup window Coming which will Look Like ➖
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  • And then click on the toggle button for Creating Funnel, and it will look similar to➖
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Here you can add Funnel and Stages as per your requirement.
Wait! But, What are Funnels?
Funnels and Stages are Journeys that a user goes through e.g. a Sales or a Customer Support Funnel e.g. Sales Funnel would have Stages such as Open Lead; Followup; Brochure Sent; Negotiation Done;Deal Closed. A customer Support Funnel would have stages such as Pending Tickets, In progress Tickets, Closed Tickets. This is where a chat moves from one stage to another and one chat can belong to only 1 stage at a time.
There is a Limit of 3 Sublabels in a Label in Free Plan. We Recommend Pro plus Plan for Complete use if you’re an Individual and Teams plan for Teams for maximum utilization of the product
Congratulations ! You have Successfully created Funnels and stages and it will show on the top bar of the WhatsApp
Here is a video to see the feature in action:
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