Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagram Overview

Entities and Processes:
  1. WhatsApp - Source of chat messages.
  1. Eazybe Sync System - Middleware that handles data extraction from WhatsApp and integration into Bitrix24 CRM.
  1. Bitrix24 CRM - Destination for data where it is stored and utilized within Leads and Deals modules.
Data Stores:
  • WhatsApp Data Store - Stores chat messages and associated metadata.
  • Bitrix24 CRM Database - Stores CRM data including Leads and Deals with phone numbers.
Data Flows:
  1. Extract Chat Data - Eazybe sync system extracts chat data from WhatsApp based on phone numbers.
  1. Match Phone Numbers - Eazybe system matches extracted phone numbers from WhatsApp with phone numbers in the Bitrix24 CRM Leads and Deals modules.
  1. Sync Data - Chat data that corresponds to matched phone numbers is synced from WhatsApp to the appropriate records in Bitrix24 CRM every 15 minutes.

Detailed Steps in the Data Flow

  1. Data Extraction from WhatsApp:
      • Every 15 minutes, Eazybe accesses WhatsApp data.
      • Extracts all recent chat messages along with phone numbers and timestamps.
  1. Data Matching and Transformation:
      • Eazybe processes the extracted WhatsApp data.
      • Matches phone numbers from WhatsApp chats with those in the Bitrix24 CRM Leads and Deals modules.
      • Transforms chat data into a format suitable for integration into Bitrix24 CRM (e.g., formatting messages, tagging, and logging timestamps).
  1. Data Syncing to Bitrix24 CRM:
      • Syncs the transformed chat data into the corresponding Leads or Deals in Bitrix24 CRM where the phone numbers match.
      • Updates existing records with new chat messages or creates logs/notes associated with the respective Deals or Leads.
  1. Error Handling and Logging:
      • Monitors for errors in data extraction, matching, or syncing.
      • Logs errors and issues for troubleshooting and ensures data integrity and synchronization reliability.
  1. Security and Compliance:
      • Ensures that all data transfers are secure, respecting both WhatsApp and Bitrix24 CRM’s data policies and any relevant privacy regulations.